Big cats are my passion, but for the tiger reigns supreme. I am often asked, "why tigers?". For me, the tiger represents all that is truly wild. They are astoundingly beautiful and the terrible ferocious stuff of dreams and nightmares. The more time I spend with them in the forests of India, the more intrigued I become. I am involved in their fight against extinction.

In my drawings, I strive to capture the essence of the subject and to put on paper my reaction to that animal. I want the viewer to be struck by the presence of the animal and the beauty of the animal through the drawing. There is a great deal of power in a big cat. They are supreme predators and at the top of the food chain. A big cat is a creature to be feared and admired. I hope to represent these characteristics in my drawings.

I predominantly work in black and white, charcoal being my preferred medium. I ofter draw on a big scale because the animal exist by themselves on the paper, removed from their natural habitat. I draw my subjects alone sow there is nothing to distract the viewer from the glory of the subject. The animals create their own powerful atmosphere. In the company of a big cat, you are immediately aware of your vulnerability and it is a weakness that I want the viewer to feel in front of my drawings.

Through my work with tigers and other animals I strive to capture a moment, a feeling that I have experienced either in the wild or seen in captivity. 

My drawings do not act as portraits but representations of a species, the essence or spirit of that particular animal. Tigers are my predominant passion and provide a constant source of inspiration along with the other animals that occupy their world. 

Nothing prepares you for seeing a tiger in the wild. In the presence of a tiger you are struck by their immense beauty and power and filled with the sense of your own humble place in nature.