Spot the snow leopard! Skiers have memorable encounter with endangered big cat as they travel down Indian mountain

Footage has captured the incredible moment a group of skiiers came into contact with a camouflaged snow leopard hiding under a blanket of snow.

The skiers were making their way down a heavily wooded slope, off-piste, in the picturesque wilderness of Gulmag in India when they came across the lurking big cat. Thankfully the predator did not hurt any of the group but it was enough to conjure up screams and a few nervous laughs as they tried to keep their distance.

The scene was filmed by Australian Owen Lansbury who claimed that his guide Dave Marchi almost ran straight into the beast.

In the video you can hear someone frantically shouting to Owen: 'Dude, there's a leopard right there!' Before other members of the group scream, 'Oh my god!' 

While it is hard to see the expertly hidden leopard at first, soon a tail being swished and other streaks of movement can be distinguished against the power-white landscape. The tourists were right to be wary of the cats - snow leopards are renowned for their powerful legs and can leap up to 50ft.

While their typical prey consist of blue sheep and mountain ibex some have been known to kill animals three times their body weight.

Owen told the Telegraph: 'We skied our first powder line and the guide in yellow almost ran over the leopard.

'I stopped just as it huddled in the snow, where it stayed for about a minute checking us out.

'It then let out a solid roar and bounded away down the slope towards Dave, but scooted off into the forest, where we think it probably had a kill stashed. Pretty amazing experience!'

Tourism director Mehmood Ahmad Shah told India Today snow leopards were not often seen on the slopes.