Tiger's Tale: Boy's Lost Stuffed Animal Takes Airport Adventure

When one little boy lost his stuffed animal, it turned into an amazing tale of adventure. 

Owen Lake, 6, was devastated when he realized he lost his beloved stuffed tiger, Hobbes, at the Tampa International Airport on June 6. 

But while separated, Hobbes the Tiger got quite an airport tour. 

Airport Operations manager Tony D'Auito had a better idea than just to leave Hobbes waiting for its rightful owner. He remembered the story of an English museum taking a lost stuffed lion on a photo shoot and decided to do the same.

So D'Auito convinced his colleagues to get on board and, before long, Hobbes was off to the air traffic control tower.

Meanwhile, Owen's mother, Amanda, who anxiously called the airport from the family's vacation in Houston, Texas, to notify them of the loss, was oblivious to the fact that Hobbes was having such a good time. 

Though, she still told Owen that Hobbes was on an "adventure.

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