The tiger who came to flee: Dramatic moment fearless Indian bison turn giant feline hunter into a big scaredy cat

This is the dramatic moment four fearless Indian bison managed to avoid certain death by chasing a giant tiger away from their herd.

Praveen Siddannavar, 47, captured the stunning shots as the Indian bison, also known as gaurs, teamed up to frighten away their would-be killer at the Nagarahole Tiger Reserve in the Karnataka State of India.

The photographer, from Bangalore, says he looked on with amazement as the animals clashed near a water puddle - with the gaurs standing their ground before the tiger made a run for it.

Speaking of the incident, Mr Siddannavar said: 'I was enjoying a late afternoon drive and after scanning the forest and I drove to the sunset point on the backwaters of river Kabini that had gone completely dry due to poor monsoons'. 'I was fortunate to spot a huge tiger resting underneath the shade of dried bamboo bushes,' he added.

Mr Siddannavar said the the entire herd of gaurs stormed towards the tiger, after first snorting aggressively. As soon as the animals charged, the photographer said, their would-be killer decided to run away.' The photographer admitted he was stunned to see the tiger backing away from its prey and said the gaurs proved to be a formidable force.

'What an unbelievable sight this was - I have never seen such action-packed drama before,' Mr Siddannavar said. 'Tigers are apex predators - meaning they are at the top of the food chain in the forest ecosystem,' he added.

Mr Siddannavar said gaurs are not normally scared of other animals, but taking on a tiger showed particular unity, strength and bravery.

'Tigers hunt gaurs regularly but it was amazing to see them working together - their strength lies in numbers and unity plays a key role in fending a tiger away,' he said.

'It really surprised me to see the tiger running away as tigers rarely back off as they are the kings of the jungles,' he added. 'But because it was a group of four gaurs and they attacked from all ends, the tiger had no option but to run away to save his life.'