Sitting in France in the rain

Well here I am sitting in France in the rain re reading Mark Shands 'Travels on my Elephant' and 'Queen of the Elephants'. They are both inspirational and very funny reads. The first is Mark going to India and buying an elephant called Tara and then riding her across India, their relationship is charming and heart warming and the people and adventures they encounter on the way really give you a feeling for India. In the second book Mark goes back to India to really learn to become a mahout working from the bottom up under the expert guidance of an extraordinary women called Parbati. This book also has a more urgent message about the plight of wild elephants in India and how precarious their survival is with the ever encroaching threat of man in their habitat not unlike the struggles that wild tigers face. This brings me on to The wild life protection society of India ( run by the amazing Belinda wright, please check it out if you interested in wild tigers, they are doing fantastic work in protecting wildlife in India. Also Tara the elephant  resides at Kipling camp in Khana thanks to Belinda's family who set up the camp.

On a completely different note we have been playing a brilliant game called 'Monument Valley' on our iPads and we are all (ages 5 to 42) obsessed!!