Article in MasterArt by David Moss

Tigers to the fore as top people’s store takes a Walk on the Wild Side

SINCE the late 18th century the name Asprey has been synonymous with the ultimate in exclusive and expensive luxury goods. Their flagship store at 167 New Bond Street will be especially busy at this time of year and the rich shoppers know just what to expect.

What they nor anyone else will not expect is an art show. But until December 21 Asprey for the first time is hosting an exhibition by a contemporary artist.

Celebrated British wildlife artist Rosie Corcoran presents ‘Bold and Beautiful’, more than 32 original works in charcoal and pastel prepared over the past two years.

The meticulously and lovingly executed large-scale drawings depict a number of animals, African wild dogs are a new subject for this show. But Rosie is best known for tigers and they dominate.

She has for many years been studying and observing tigers in the wild at Ranthambore National Park in India, accompanied by leading tiger conservationist Valmik Thapar who comments: “Rosie Corcoran’s work is breathtaking, it captures the very essence of wild animals from their immense strength and power to their elegance and fluidity.”

The exhibition is raising money for conservation, specifically the Wildlife Protection Society of India.